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Arguments for God

May 20, 2009

There are several common arguments that always seem to come up in a religious debate. Weather it is just about the existence of God, religious privilege, or gay marriage. Zack Ford has assembled a few of these arguments and breaks each of them down and shows why the arguments don’t work. The memes discussed are:

“Truth” – It’s true because I believe it.
“Respect” – These are my beliefs, so you need to respect them.
“Victim” – If my beliefs are not being respected, I’m the victim.
“Selfish Atheist” – Atheists are ego-worshippers/self-centered/selfish/etc.
“Stalemate” – We can’t prove there is a God.  You can’t prove there isn’t.  So neither of us is right or wrong!
“Just Because” – Well, since we can never know, it’s better to just believe, just in case.

If heading into a debate just remember each of these arguments and how to refute them. A great read.

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